The Birth of a Star.....

September 03, 2018

Guitar Star Skull and Wings T shirt Black on tatoo man.


Hi, my name is Stuart Bull. I am the creator of Guitar Star Clothing. About two years ago I was looking for a new challenge in my life, something fun and artistic that would encompass my love of the Guitar, music and art. I had always hated going shopping for clothes and none of the brands on the high street seemed to reflect my life, beliefs and general ethos so I decided to create my own clothing line as a way to express myself and hopefully stop having to go to the shops. 

I put my mind to work and after a few interesting names I came up with "Guitar Star" this fitted right into what I'm all about and I now had to think about designs. I contacted a friend from the UK and we brainstormed some ideas and some drawings went back and forth, we originally had an embroidered work shirt which we planned to sell with the customer's name on. We ordered some shirts with "guitar star clothing" pre embroidered and I purchased an embroidery machine with a view to adding the customer's name in-house.

We set up a website and an Ebay shop but with my lack of digital marketing knowledge and my friend becoming very busy the project was taking some time to get off the ground. I decided to go the route of T-Shirts and set out to find a designer. A friend of mine recommended a designer from Los Angeles an interesting and colourful character. I had drawn some initial ideas with the guitar pick as the centrepiece of the shirt and the banner "Guitar Star" a the top and "Live Loud" at the bottom. The initial designs were a bit of a mixed bag but after some discussions and tweaking the look and feel really started to come together.

I returned to the UK and brought the designs to my company as I felt this could be a great business opportunity. The initial reaction was good but the guys I was working alongside felt a print on demand model was the way to go, I did not want to go this route as I felt the designs deserved top quality treatment which to me was screen printing. The designs started to get changed and other ideas were brought in and I felt the spirit and power of the original idea was being diluted.

I returned to the U.S. but was only given two months stay as I had spent some time there previously applying for a Visa and immigration was not happy about this even though I had done nothing wrong. I set about forming a cooperation found a building to work out of and a company nearby to print the shirts, all was looking well. I knew time was running short but the gentleman from the building agreed to have his staff ship the shirts so running this by remote control looked like a real possibility.

I found a company online to build me a Shopify store but after one phone call I paid my initial deposit and things did not go well from that point forward. The company was a nightmare to deal with and it became pretty obvious that they had no intention of doing a thorough or in fact any kind of job at all. At this point, a fellow guitar player I knew from Las Vegas called me and said he needed somewhere to stay for a month or so. I have a house in Las Vegas and I told him he could use it. We chatted about this and that and when I told him about Guitar Star he became very interested indeed.

He offered to help me with the project and at the time this seemed like a gift from heaven as I was in Mexico by myself and really needed a hand. Things became intense very quickly with him setting up spreadsheets and suggesting internet phone companies that could call you anywhere in the world at any time, this was getting too much and I told him I wanted to start slow and build the company up, it looked like I had gone from one extreme to another.

I decided to move forward with him and planned to meet him at the NAMM show in the following January. The NAMM show came around and we met and began discussing the company moving forward. I had asked him repeatedly what percentage he wanted but he just kept saying "Don't Worry About It" this did not sit well with me as I like to have things of this nature agreed upon before moving forward especially in business.

The following night we met with my Beautiful sexy friend Karin Carpenter and the three of us agreed to go to the Randy Rhodes tribute show. We went to Karin's hotel so she could pick up some things. While Karin was in her hotel room I was left in the car with the guy, he proceeded to tell me that Karin was giving him all the signs that she was into him and that he was telling me this to protect me even though he had only just met her. This bothered me immensely as I couldn't figure out what his motivation was, control maybe, some sense of false loyalty? who knows.

Karin returned to the car, the first set of lights we arrived at I got out of the car and ran back to my hotel room. I told him the next day I would give him some notice but he would have to vacate my house, things became stranger as that night he drove back to Las Vegas without telling me to clear out his stuff. I returned to my Las Vegas home the next evening. Things started off calmly but soon deteriorated into madness with this guy throwing a full-on fit threatening to cut off Karin's head and calling immigration on me even though I was in the U.S. legally. He called me back an hour later to try and make amends but by this point, I was shaken up and completely done with him.

It seemed like I was back to square one BUT I wasn't giving up. I returned to Mexico and began drawing my own designs something I initially knew nothing about. I would go to my local café every day and just draw ideas, I would take my inspiration from passers-by, posters, shop windows just about anything that caught my eye, the problem was I couldn't really draw that well and my initial sketches looked like the artistic ramblings of a Picasso wannabe.

With the help of some YouTube videos and some squared paper, I purchased from the local Walmart my drawings started to show improvement. I found a local designer named Ricardo Beltran and commissioned him to take some of my drawings and recreate them as digital art a process that was very successful and I was starting to gain confidence in my designs. For the next four months, I sat at the café every day for four to six hours drawing ideas.

I was recommended a lawyer in Guadalajara who could Trademark Guitar Star for me and all its designs. I flew to Guadalajara to meet him. Before leaving he asked me to get all my work together and send it to him. Every night after the café I would return home and scan my drawings never really giving much mind to the entire body of work. After collecting everything together it turned out I had over two hundred and fifty drawings, I couldn't believe it.

I was due to return to the U.K. but not necessarily for business. I had some of the T-Shirts I had printed in the U.S. with me and upon my return showed them to the guys in the office to see their reaction. This time it was very positive and I believed at this point they could see it was a real viable venture. I found a fantastic U.K. screen printer a Shopify store was set up and after two years of pain, torture, disappointment and a lot of joy Guitar Star Clothing was ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages I give you Guitar Star Clothing, the result of my personal passion to unite Guitar Players, Guitar lovers and people across the world who love music and the peace and unity it gives to us all. I hope you enjoy the T-Shirts as they enhance the spirit of Rock 'N' Roll something that lives in the hearts of each and every one of us.

Peace...Stuart Bull.